Child Section (Aged 8 – 12)

GAA Football Skills Cards

Gaining Possession

Gaining Possession-Crouch Lift

Gaining Possession-High Catch

Gaining Possession – The Low Catch

Gaining Possession-Body Catch

Gaining Possession – Reach Catch-SkillCard

Maintaining Possession

Maintaining Possession – The Roll-SkillCard

Maintaining Possession – Feint_skillcard

Maintaining Possession – Solo_skillcard

Releasing Possession

Releasing Possession-Fist Pass

Releasing Possession-Punt Kick

Releasing Possion – Hook_kick_skillcard


Contesting Possession

Contesting Possession – Bounce_skillcard

Contesting Possession-Block Down

Contesting Possession – Checking / Shadowing-SkillCard

Contesting Possession-Near Hand

Contesting Possession – Side to Side Charge-SkillCard

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Skill Based Activities (Aged 13 – 17)

Activate GAA Warm-Up (Long Guide)

Fitness With The Ball 1

Football Only eBook-Very good

GAA LCPE Resistance Training Exercise

GAA Warm-Up and Resistance Training M

Games To Develop Football

Kicking For Scores

Team Play Games

U16 – U18 Drills and Games

Boys – Useful Links U13s

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